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>Nagisa: Be the Knight of Light.
[n] you suck
I cant believe this.
I really cant believe this.
Cant we get a redo or something? I had a game tomorrow and now we cant play because we kind of BLEW UP THE WORLD.
If we have to play, cant we go back in time and decide to put this off until just before finals?
Or something?
Does that even work that way?

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it all happened so fast... (ーー;)
maybe Homura-chan might know if we can do that?
she is the Hero of Time after all!
but i have a feeling that maybe thats not possible.... _| ̄|○

everythings always worth a try!
even if it turns out it didnt work in the end.

I guess.
Youre pretty positive.

[Highlight the text.
Sadly, the answer is still no.

Come on, wed still destroy the world! People would be grateful if we did it around exam season.

There has to be a way to fix it. We can't have caused the ends of all our worlds...

I cant believe this!
Maybe we play the game to fix it.
My sprite said no but hes a nuisance.
I doubt anything he says is real.

I think that's what we have to believe.

What, you mean the game is lying to us?

of course.

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