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[n] s-sob
I might have encouraged someone to throw her life away just because I thought her world worked like mine does.

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Can you tell her that you made a mistake?

I don't even know what I can do.

Have you tried telling her?

Would she listen? There might be a reason why the people from her world haven't told her, but that's just -- I can't just leave it at that!

...oh, right, I never told you. But I guess since everyone else is telling their secrets, I can tell the truth. It kind of concerns you and your friends right now, anyway.

If it concerns us, then yes, please tell me!

...Is it something to do with myself and Kaname-san?

It's nothiI'm a magical girl-- stupid community!

What? You too?? --Is every girl I've talked to a magical girl?!?

Now I know why you're always saying you can't believe things! This community is just too strange!

There's me, Karen, that fish girl... a couple others, but they haven't told the community who they are, so it's probably best to hear it from them.

Do you know who Sailor Venus is...? I've talked to her a few times.

I should probably let her tell you. We basically just have the idea that everyone's secret identities are their own business to keep or not.

Oh, yes, that's fair! I just meant, is she one of the ones who's confessed her secret at large...

Not yet. Maybe this virus skipped her over.

It is all right, miss. You were only trying to help.

It is their decision, no matter what advice they have been given.

Edited at 2011-06-17 04:02 am (UTC)

I can't let someone just turn into something horrible because I said it would all be okay!

Ah. If you feel you so obligated, you could always talk to them again?

Everything will work out, miss. Do not worry.

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