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[private|quite hackable because this is Nagisa]
[n] s-sob
Stupid virus. Why now?

Well... it's probably cutting off all the other worlds from what's going on, so we don't have to deal with something like the time with the akuma. So it's probably a good thing. But...

i need help

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Don't worry about it, Karen. I mean, for all I know, I'm hit with this virus thing too, right?

Either way, I know I shouldn't tell you how things work out, but that eliminates most of the things I want to say...

...yeah. I'm just glad that this isn't turning out like the akuma thing.

Kazuha. We've...talked a few times.

Though if yer infected, maybe ya don't remember...

did I do the lock wrong again is kind of...really easy ta hack.

What's goin' on in yer world?

It's really not safe to come here right now.

I am, right now. It's a really complicated thing... you know Pretty Cure, right? Those girls from my world who fight monsters? They're handling it right now, so don't worry.

Yeah, I've seen them on the site a few times.

...all right. But be careful, okay? And if ya need back up, I'd be willin' ta help.

As long as...martial arts work on these monsters.

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